Monday, September 25, 2006

Letter to Adobe re: Malayalam Support

Dear guys at Adobe.

Since your purchase of Macromedia I was apprehensive about the future of Macromedia Flash. Several Issues regarding the representation, collation, encoding, and display of Malayalam Unicode Text in Flash MX2004. These issues were not Addressed in Flash 8 either and have continued to remain.

In my last communication with Mr. Masanori Oba I have explained in some detail regarding these Issues. I am pasting the thread again here for your review.

Please let us know if these issues are being addressed.

Thank you

Nishad Hussain Kaippally

The Reply to Mr. Oba's Questions are given here as a PDF Document
Attached below is the previous communication I had With Mr. Oba.
RE: [Bug Report]Malayaam Text in Flash
Masanori Oba Thu, May 5, 2005 at 9:41 PM
To: Kaippally
Hi Nishad,

Your bug report has been addressed and filed as a bug in our bugbase.
Unfortunately, at this momnent, we cannot provide you any work around.

Thank you for the report.

Masanori Oba

-----Original Message-----
From: Kaippally [mailto:kaippally(at)]
Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 12:24 AM
To: Masanori Oba
Subject: Re: [Bug Report]Malayaam Text in Flash


Is there any development on the Bug Report I sent you?


On 4/12/05, Masanori Oba wrote:
> Hi Nishad,
> I am following up the bug you reported. Please provide the following
> information.
> 1. The font name you use.
> 2. Wheather it happens with Static and Dynamic texts.
> 3. If it's a dyanamic text, did you embed the font? Which range?
> 4. Can you send the screen shot of what you described below about the
> shifting the texts?
> Thank you.
> Masanori Oba
> Flash Authoring QA Engineer
> Macromedia, Inc.
> >
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> >From: kaippally(at)[SMTP:KAIPPALLY(at)GMAIL.COM]
> >Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2005 2:15:42 PM
> >To: flash_feedback(at)
> >Subject: [Bug Report]
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> >
> The following information was submitted on the Software Feature
> Request and Bug Report Form for Flash:
> Name: Nishad Kaippally
> Email Address: kaippally(at)
> Company/Institution: xx
> Feature Request/Bug Report: Bug Report
> Product: Flash
> Product Version: 7.2
> Browser: Netscape Navigator
> Web Server: Microsoft IIS
> Application Server: Windows.NET
> Database: Not Selected
> Operating system: Windows XP
> OS version: Windows XP SP2
> Feedback Report:
> I have am trying to read Malayalam Text into Flash MX 2004. The I am
> able to import using XML and Loadvars. However. Whenever the Zero
> Width Non-Joiner apperars the Text shifts the baseline down. So in
> effect when words occur with the ZWNJ character (Ux200C) They seem to
> appear smaller while the rest of the text seems normal.
> The Second issue with importing Malayalam Unicode text into flash is
> that i can never seem to get all the glyps in the fonts to show up in
> the flash object. Only the basic glyps (128 characters) are shown the
> remaining 800 + glyphs do not show up. I tried linking the font from
> the library also without results.
> Any tip would be reatly appreciated.

നിഷാദ് കൈപ്പള്ളി
Nishad Kaippally

ِUNICODE ഉപയോഗിക്കു, മലയാളഭാഷ വളരട്ടെ


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  1. കൂട്ടുകാരെ:

    I have put up the communications regarding Unicode issues I had faced in Macromedia Flash. If you guys are interested please ask Adobe to Support Malayalam Unicode.

    Adobe recently purchased Macomedia. so The whole bug report has to be started again.



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