Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vidhur Kapur on Indian Men and Aunties

Vidhur Kapur's comedy routine On Indian Men :

 "Indian men are either hot or UGLYY, but there's nothing in between. Doesn't exist. Nothing in between.But the thing is: they have one thing in common; hot or ugly they think they are a catch! [strikes a comical pose] So you have this grotesque specimen of humanity, places a personal ad on Shadi.com: [fake andhra-english accent]
'39-year old electrical engineer, vegiterian and teetotaler, looking for Taaal, beauitiful 25-year-old vergin, must have long hair, big eyes, fair complexion, gold jewelrry, pleasing personality, huge dowry , tiny feet and waxed moustache.' ..."

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