Monday, October 24, 2011

Feel good factor for degenerates

The recent success Krishnanum Radhayum in cinemas all over Kerala is somewhat similar to the  success of  Slumdog Millionaire in the west. This  post should never be considered as an attempt to compare  the two movies by any stretch of the imagination.  My comparison is purely on perception and how it affects the mind of the viewer.

Slumdog Millionaire conveyed  a collective feel good factor to the western audience at seeing such miserably poverty in one of  India's most modern cities at a time when western economies were crumbling while India enjoyed two-digit growth rates. Slumdog Millionaire provided a balm to sooth those damaged  egos.

Due to the modern  influence of western notions of  political correctness our Mallu folks have  been recently deprived of the many sadistic pleasures  of mocking people of difference: Homosexuals, transvestites, handicapped folks, mentally ill people, short folks, (so-called) low castes,  balding men and dark skinned people (Which by the way is 90% of all people in Kerala).

And now in Kerala we have Santhosh Pandit:  Who gives the average Mallu  an opportunity  to laugh at someone whom even they perceive as silly or below par.  Someone who is   intellectually, and superficially inferior to himself.

Kerala has  found a means to vent her degenerate collective complexes. The much wanted feel good factor that she has never managed to achieve by excellence in any other field of activity.

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