Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quick Gun Murugan is Back

To all those 90's MTV fans who miss Quick Gun Murgun, he is back with a vengence. To those who don't know who quick gun Murugan is here is a quick re-cap: In the late 70's there was a trend in Hollywood where Italian producers made cheap westerns. They were also known as Spaghetti Westerns. This trend was copied into tamil movies around the same period by Tamil producers. Complete with horses, saloon fights, gunfight showdowns, cowboy hats except with a Tamil twist. (It would also be interesting that at no point in history were there gun-trotting, cattle-hearding cowboys in tamilnadu, maybe in Andra Pradesh) So when Chanel V came to india in the early 90s they produced a set of three short spoofs in the same tone of spaghetti western. Complete with english subtitles! The hero was a rather colourful character known as Quick Gun Murugan. One of the most memorable catch phrases from this chap when he enters a saloon was for "oru Whiskey, oru masala dosa". So here we have the new edition, in the same style. Enjoy :)

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