Friday, November 28, 2008

My fellow Indians.

Our nation is in the midst of a disasterous reality. The reality of terrorism. This is not the first time foreigners have unleashed ruthless violence on our land and our people in the name of some utopian concept. We have survived such attacks before, and we can survive this one too. This is the moment we have to unite to stand by our men in uniform and our forces. This is the moment to shed our caste, class and creed identities. If ever there is a need to unite, it is at times like this. Let us also remember that this is not the moment to reap political gains from this misery. There will be those who stand in the periphery and accuse our forces for their misgivings. I urge them to show compassion and hold their peace till we can recuperate from our grief. 

Jai hind.


  1. Agreed ..Jai Hind !

    >>and our people in the name of some utopian concept. <<<


  2. But we as a nation must not excuse our useless leaders whose impotency has resulted in such a tragedy. Dont let them take advantage of Unity and magnanimity of the Indians emerging out of this great crisis. They are rutheless, selfish and manipulative.
    If we really feel sorry for those lost lives, its high time that we make our leaders feel accountable.

    Jai India.

  3. When a person is dead, or when a calamity strikes a waring family they sing unity among themselves because they are not only charged with emotion but also have fallen into the grip of a closure. This mimics a unity among the family members.

    i compare the unity that you are calling for to that mimic of unity in the family.

    So long as there is no true love, respect and compassion, in a family the chasm will play out soon. Likewise our nation not bound by democratic forces would find separate ways very soon.

    Yes I agree with you we should remain united in this grieving period.

    But what after that? Do we have a plan, as a nation and as a people?


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