Monday, July 02, 2007

in response to ഗുണാളന്‍ quiting the blog

This was originally posted Here

I decided to post it here again since he has decided to shut down his blog. I won't be doing that at least in the near future.


(Please excuse the English comment. My keyman has freaked out on me.)

I wish to draw attention to certain flaws in your method to operate Mobchannel and your present decision to quit the bog community. On close inspection I see that Mobchannel draws a lot of energy from the malayalam blog community. Without doubt uou have capitalised on this captive audience to enrich Mobchanel. Also remember that Mobchannel is a purely revenue oriented operation. Its primary focus is not to promote free speach or freedom of expression. Its there to generate revenue. Let me also remind you that I personally have no objections on this business venture. But that should be a clearly stated objective. Freedom of Expression should not be an excuse to make some quick bucks.

Having utilised the goodwill and support of the Malayalam blog commnity for the betterment of your operations with a rather short span of time, you are now willing to leave the Malayalm Blog community. You further allege that the entire Malayalam blog community is adding fuel to the growth of a huge evil monopoly. Let me ask you these three questions.

1) In all the years of wisdon you have acquired, did you not know that the blogger was part of Google.
2) Are you equating Mobchannel on the same level as
3) Will you also cease to promote all the bloggers, whom you accuse of servicing the giant-evil-media-corporation

Pardon my rash comment, but I find your decision rather opportunistic. You have drawn the attention of considerable readers for your enterprise from the blog community, yet you are willing to forsake the blog and accuse its users of being pawns of a large media conspiracy. I find this rather hypocritical and of course quite insulting.

But as long as most of your readers are avid blog readers and bloggers themsleves, I doubt your decision to leave blog or even bad mouth the blog would be looked upon with much kindness. You need not put down blogspot or google, or any of the believers in their philosophy in order to promote Mobchannel. I am sure (If done right) It will have a life of its own.

Having said all that. I do hope you get your act right and remain in the blog community. But do keep Mobchanel out of all this.




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  8. ? "I felt used when the post by Cibu on the blog magazine had a huge propoganda on readers list and which never even said a word about mobchannel. And i didn't wan't my efforts to be used to create more bloggers."
    = എന്താ ഗുണാളാ ഇത്‌? റീഡേര്‍സ് ലിസ്റ്റ് വേറേ ഡൈജസ്റ്റ് വേറേ. റീഡേര്‍സ് ലിസ്റ്റിന്റെ ഉദ്ദേശം ഡൈജറ്റിന് സബ് എഡിറ്റര്‍മാരെ പിടിക്കലല്ല. റീഡേര്‍സ് ലിസ്റ്റിനെ പറ്റി ഇഷ്ടമ്പോലെ എഴുതിയിട്ടുണ്ടല്ലോ പണ്ട്‌.

    അതുപയോഗിച്ചാല്‍ നല്ല കൃതികളെ എളുപ്പം തിരഞ്ഞെടുക്കാം; വായനാലിസ്റ്റുകള്‍ ഡൈജസ്റ്റിനു് ഉപകാരപ്പെടും എന്ന്‌ തോന്നി, ഉപയോഗിച്ചു. ഒരു ബ്രാന്‍ഡ്നേം സെല്ലിംഗ് ഞാന്‍ സ്വപ്നത്തില്‍ പോലും വിചാരിച്ചിട്ടില്ല. ഗൂഗിളായാലും മോബ്ചാനലായാലും. എന്നാല്‍ വായനാലിസ്റ്റ് എന്ന ആശയത്തെ സെല്‍ ചെയ്യുക എന്നത്‌ തീര്‍ച്ചയായും ഉദ്ദേശിച്ചിട്ടുണ്ട്‌. കാരണം അത്‌ ‘നെക്സ്റ്റ് ബിഗ് തിംഗ്‘ ആണ് എന്ന്‌ ഞാന്‍ വിശ്വസിക്കുന്നു. പിന്മൊഴി ഇല്ലാത്ത അവസ്ഥയില്‍ അതായിരിക്കും നമുക്ക്‌ പോസ്റ്റുകള്‍ കണ്ടുപിടിച്ചുതരിക.

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  14. കൈപ്പള്ളിയോടും , പെരിങോടരോടും , സിബുവിനോടും എന്റ്റെ മാപ്പപേക്ഷ , കഴിഞ്ഞ ഒരു മാസമായീ ഈ മാഗസിന്‍ എങനേ പുറത്തിറക്കാം എന്നുള്ളതു മാത്രമാണ് എന്റെ ചിന്ത .. ഇതിനു വേണ്ടീയുള്ള പ്രയത്നവും , ജോലിയിലേ സ്റ്റ്ട്രെയിനും കൂടിച്ചേര്‍ന് എനിക്കു മൊത്തത്തിലേ ഒരല്പം പിരിയിളകി എന്നു തോന്നുന്നു .. മാഗസിന്റെ പ്രവര്‍ത്തനത്തിനു സിബു നിര്‍ദ്ദേശിച്ചതു പോലെ റീഡെര്‍സ് ലിസ്റ്റില്‍ നിന്നും മതിയാവും .. എല്ലാവരോടും മാപ്പു ചോദിച്ചു കൊണ്ട് ..

  15. "5)I have been trying my best to make some economic sense out of it, not for the bloggers who are adequately paid , but for the benefit of 2 or 3 un employed people living in kerala"

    ‌Why do you have to give everything in life an economic sense ?

    I, like many like minded folks, blog to impart Ideas. As a service. For gratification, for fun. There are other more proftable means of making money than selling blog articles, my friend.

    3)Support from blog leaders - Zero
    Reason - Unknown.

    If you really wanted to know that ou should make some effort to know the reasons.

    Stop this silly crying about not getting adequette support from the bloggers. If you want to make money you have to spend good money and get the right people. Do it proffesionally. What support are you going to get from a bunch of Mallu folks who are here to have some fun. Don't talk business here man.This is a place to exchage some ideas and entertain ourselves.

    6)There has been total disrespect and mistrust among bloggers for me and mobchannel, some because of negative propoganda by so called 'Savers of Malayalam'
    Respect is something you earn. Asking around for "Some Respect" rarely helps. Tone down your words.
    May be you are not a pawn .. you are a King :-)
    And don't patronise people. And that includes me.

    4)As some one working in finance industry i would calculate the number of hours spend , mutiply it with the average pay the computer literate malayali is getting and then say , this much amount of human resource is wasted for zero net economic output

    Before you talk of hours spent and averages, I would urge you to hire a proffesional media consultant and conduct a feasibility of running a business of this nature. The readership of magazines in Kerala is not on the rise. And those are not two bit magazines written by bloggers. I am talking about Magazines published by huge media houses in Kerala. Media houses with muscle power and visibility. Media houses that command some respect and goodwill. If they find it hard to run Magazines, how do you plan to counter the trend.

    Find your readership bracket. Spend money on the market research. Do a proper job. Mobchanel looks and feels childish now, hardly something I would call a venue to do business. Its not just the layout and content that is in bad shape. The attitudes are wrong. There are a number of shortcomings I have observed could have been rectified had there been some serious forethought. But hey I may be totally wrong. Mobchanel could be the next big thing.

    3)Ateleast a half of the NRI population is involved in blogs some form or another
    So by your math we have about, say, Just 30,000 NRI. This sort of crackpot mallu politician style statisics is what will drive you down. Do your statistics right man. Work on the numbers before you even install the server.

    any one can call any one exploiters, and crap.
    Please, measure your words. I usually no not tollerate such outbursts, especially since I have been fairly polite with you. I did not call you an exploiter. I was commenting on your decision to quit. Please be specific, a successfull businesman should know what he hears and speak what he knows. If you seek support from the blog, Every negetive word you speak against the blog will only alienate you further.

    i can walk around SF downtown and shoot a documentary on "Night Lifes of SF" and sell it to Asia Net and be the next "that guy".. i forgot his name.
    Can you? Then please do it. Do not tell about what you can do. No one want to hear what you can do. We wan't to hear what you have laready done.
    Do it. Thats how people earn respect. Not by reducing oneself by making claims. Do it. Then we will talk.

  16. കൈപ്പള്ളി , സോറി .. ഞാനല്‍പ്പം സ്ട്രെയിണ്ട് ആയിരുന്ന്..

  17. testing yahoo pipe comment agregator
    please ignore


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