Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Politics of the uncivil

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Chandru explained, "With several IT companies and MNCs coming to Karnataka, lakhs of non-Kannadigas have settled in the state. If they could live with the land, water, air and other resources of the land, they should also understand the culture, history and language of the land. Hence, we have recommended that learning Kannada be made mandatory. 
There are fundamentally two different classifications in politics.
Politics of the civilized focus on long term policies like education, economy, infrastructure, and the environment that are pluralistic, sustainable and scalable. The prerequisite for such a political culture is an educated electorate that actively choose its leaders.
Politics of the uncivilized tend to focus on land, religion or ethnicity as common grounds to unify the masses. It's fairly easy to explain the rules to them. Any idiot can distinguish between "us" and "them". So it would not be wrong to say that the leadership of Karnataka has chosen the path of regionalism to unify the people.

Instead of spending money on educating it's people and bringing them up to standards set forth by people from other states, Karanataka has chosen the path of placing hurdles of entry for employment. Hurdles like language and history lessons in order to live in Karnataka. This is nothing but a cheap trick to avoid the elephant in the room. With just 67% literacy rate Karanataka cannot expect to have any luck with electing leaders with vision and foresight, or resolving unemployment.

Regionalism as a policy is inherently flawed. It has a short life and will eventually loose its lustre due to diminishing mass euphoria. Unless you intend to conquer neighbouring states and eventually turn India into a dictatorship, (where every Indian would speak Kannada and watch Jaggesh and Kashinath movies) Regionalism does not solve any problems.

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