Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Dear Mr. Kapil Sibal

Dear Mr. Kapil Sibal

I hope you will forgive this intrusion. I do understand how difficult it is to work under a woman boss who doesn't understand that Freedom of Press is the cornerstone of our  Democracy. I understand that you are an educated well meaning man, who is forced to do mind-numbingly ridiculous things dictated by her.  We knew this the last time you were sent to meet that clown Ramakrishna Yadav (AKA Baba Ramdev) at the airport in an attempt to appease him.  And being a faithful servant of the Gandhi household you, rather reluctantly, did try to calm the situation, of course, without any effect.

Regarding the Lok Pal Bill, I clearly remember reading that you said corruption can end if existing systems are rectified. But now you say that "Objectionable" content should be removed from the internet. 

Mr. Sibal sir, Facebook, Google and Twitter are  respectable organisations that do have strong policies and terms of service in place that promptly remove objectionable content. As far as they are concerend, existing systems do work quite well, in fact much better than any of our Governments' systems. 
You are a sensible guy, I am  quite sure you did not mean to censor the internet as a whole. Your real concern was with this.
"A New York Times report on Monday that said Kapil Sibal called executives about six weeks ago and showed them a Facebook page that maligned ruling Congress Party chief Sonia Gandhi and told them it was "unacceptable"."  Times of India 
So, I do understand that the real issue is not about  pornography, terrorism, racism,  inciting religious hatred or any of those thing you want us to believe.  Sir we are stupid, but not retarded. It's obvious that you, or rather your boss, is simply  upset about people ridiculing her and her close family members

Mr. Sibal we are a very forgiving bunch. You should know that better than any of us. After all we did elect you and some of your buddies (who, of course, are now thankfully in prison). 

You should know very well that several concessions have been made to favour the Gandhi dynasty,  and we will gladly continue to do so.  We have already allowed Ms. Gandhi's son-in-law, who has never ever held any government office, to be exempt from security checks at airports. Which sensible country would tolerate such a thing? But we did, didn't we? So please do not think even for a moment that the people of India will object to many more such royal concessions. 

What you should have clearly stated at the press conference was the following. "You have all the freedom to criticize and ridicule anyone other than the Gandhi Family and her royal family members"

As I mentioned to you earlier, we are a very stupid bunch with a very short attention span. The next time one of our MP's get slapped or worse if they land up in jail, we would have forgotten all about these silly things and get on with our wretched lives. You may even be able to breeze this bill  through parliament within 15 minutes without even as much as a tweet from our beloved MPs. 

After all how many of our folks even have an internet connection? How many of our MPs use the internet? I am sure you will ensure that the costs of accessing the internet will remain beyond the grasp of our "Aam Jantha", So trust me don't even worry about it.  Go ahead and do the needful. 

Thank you

Yours faithfully

Nishad Kaippally



  2. ഹി ഹി ബോധിച്ചു

    കണ്ടാമൃഗത്തിനിട്ടാണ് കൈപ്പള്ളിയുടെ കൊതുകുകടി !

    കപിൽ സിബലിനെ തോൽപ്പിക്കാനാകില്ല മക്കളേ!


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