Saturday, January 07, 2012

Letters to the Editor

 (Image courtesty The Wall Street Journal)
To the Editor
The Hindu, Delhi Edition

Okay we both know for a fact that the congress leadership comprises of dim witted sycophants living off of cheap thrills of promos and press ads, but you run one of the few remaining bastions of unbiased journalism that prints objective comentaries in its editorial. The news of course is mostly copy pasted from each other and is probably colder than last weeks McDonalnds fries, but I digress.

A full page front page ad with a blurb sucking up to Sonia Gandhi?  What  came over you guys? Who does that sort of thing? Is Mr. N. Ram still running the show? Don't you have standards to keep even in advertising? I do realize the need for ad revenue to sustain a dying media, but this was a total sell out. 

My rating of respect for your paper has dropped from 4 to 2 (that's out of 10 by the way!). This probably must have been an all time low for a newspaper like yours. I am sure folks will be throwing this shit at you for years to come. Enjoy it.



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  1. ..well the good folks at The Hindu have had their hands full trying to chuck out Ram.. and now that he is gone, perhaps they need to dust out the old memo..


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