Monday, April 11, 2011

I don't Care Who Anna Hazare is. I care about what we intend to do.

Who Anna Hazzare is, was or will become, is irrelevant to me. He could be an icon of the opposition to harp about till the end of this Parliamentary election.  He could be the next anti-Christ for all I care, but what he did is certainly commendable.

He created an awareness on the rampant corruption that has started to erode and threaten the very fabric of our nation.

There is absolutely no doubt that we the citizens of India have to address this problem if we have to qualify for the title of The Greatest Democracy on Earth.

Unfortunately Ann Hazare or any of his buddies are neither legal experts nor elected representatives of any constituency in India. As it stands the draft proposal has too many loop holes, inconsistencies and filled with questionable motives. These issues can do more harm than good in the fight against  corruption.

A body that is arbitrarily populated with hand-picked members from within civil society cannot be entrusted with the task of arresting Democratically elected members of any house of the people.

A body that has been paid by the government to do the task of investigating corruption cannot retain 10% or any portion of the funds ceased from an investigative operation as Intensive. A corruption redressal system that equates itself to the Supreme Court of  the Country should not operate like Credit Card Collection agency or Parking meter attendants.

What we have to do now is discuss the Lokpal bill in the finest detail possible by checking if they are in violation of our constitution and fundamental rights.

With all it's corrupt and unqualified members in both houses of our parliment, I still have some confidence in our law makers. The proposed bill in its present form cannot and most probably will not even pass through the first reading in Lok Sabha.  At least the bureaucracy of this nation will not allow that to happen.

Lets stop worrying about an old man in an ashram and worry about what we can do to improve this bill.

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