Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How to deal with dim-witted morons who add your email address and send them to you

How to deal with dim-witted morons who add your email address and send them to you.

So that everyone and their buddies will be able to send you shitload of wedding invitations, congratulatory messages, junkmail, etc.

a) In Gmail click on Settings
b) Cick on Labs
c) Enable Canned Responses.
e) Compose a mail with a message you wish to send to these idiots.

something like this.
    This is an automated response. You have previously sent  messages to my email with multiple email addresses in the TO address field.  You are probably too daft to know the difference between To, Cc, and Bcc. (Ever heard of Google Search Engine. Try it sometime and learn a few things besides searching for porn.) 
    Adding every tom dick and tintumon in the To field is a rather stupid way to communicate to mutual strangers. Just because you know A and B does not mean A knows B. Am I making any sense to you now? 
    This practice also happens to breach email privacy laws in several civilized countries, BTW,  I have no fucking clue as to which cave you live in. Individuals and/or trojan software in any of the recipients computers' can harvest email addresses and forward them to unscrupulous spammers. How shitty would that be?  Of course you wouldn't care would you?
    Worst of all; they would send even more ridiculous and uninteresting emails to me. Increasing in Geometric Progression. Too complicated for you? Let me make it much simpler. It would in effect be a sort of a multi-level email bombarding mechanism. I value my time and yes I do pay for the bandwidth and server space.  Yes moron, Google does charge for server space if you are using Google Apps. 
    So your emails in future will be trashed. And no future communication from your email will be entertained. 
    In future try to use Bcc instead of TO and CC to send emails to multiple recipients. 
    Thank you

d) Next to Attach you will now see a new drop down menu called Canned Responses Click on it and choose "Save"

e) Choose the email that you wish to respond to with the above email every time the moron communicates with you.

f) Click on More Actions (top right) >  Filter Messages Like This >  Next Step > Choose the canned response you typed above. You may add multiple morons by simple seperating email addresses with OR like this: OR OR 

Thats all.

Now every time these  idiots send you crap an email will automatically respond with the Standard rejection mail.



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  2. thanks kaippally , but these days it is some organisations who do mail this way. i have got an interview call(e-mail) last week along with so many tommy, dicky , hairy whom i doesn't want to know.

    but sending an automated mail like this will ., hee hee... will make them think twice


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